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Canapatra Soap - Original / Green / Hemp Oil Scarab 3 oz.

Canapatra Soap - Original / Green / Hemp Oil Scarab 3 oz.

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Original / Green / Hemp Oil Scarab has teamed up with Toadily Handmade to produce a Cannabis inspired Soap Line called Canapatra. This scarab shaped soap made with Hemp Oil will surely delight the Pharaoh in you.

Canapa (Italian) = Hemp / Patra (Greek) = Leaf  

Bar Size : 3 oz.

Do you want more options and a lower price per bar?

Canapatra Soap - Create Your Own Hemp Soap + Salts Option (12 Bar Batch)

 Canapatra Soap - Create Your Own Hemp Soap + Clays / Charcoal Option (12 Bar Batch)

 Important Note: Since each custom Batch order is made on demand, please allow 7-14 days for the custom product to dry and cure before being shipped. 


The ingredients of each order will vary depending on the options chosen by the Buyer. The base ingredient list for each order begins as follows.


Vegetable Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Shea, Hempseed Oil, Castor, Bees Wax, Sodium Hydroxide, Chlorophyll, Arrow Root, Mica.



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